The Ultimate Practitioner's Guide for Adopting an Integrative Approach to Chronic Lyme Disease


How many of your clients and patients come to you with prior diagnoses of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, even multiple sclerosis, but no treatments have helped them so far?

Do you want to be the practitioner who can finally make a difference in these patient’s lives? 

If so, knowing how to diagnose and treat chronic infections such as Lyme disease will give you that knowledge.

... which is why we created Lyme-Ed for Practitioners. 

In over 20 hours of valuable content, you can learn everything you need to know about adopting an integrative approach to Lyme.

Learn the nuances that you won't find anywhere else - what to do if antibiotics stop working, how to use a herbal co-infection provocation to assess which co-infections are dominant for your patients, strategies for emotional healing and ways to break through detrimental neural pathways, and 10 key factors that can hinder patients’ recovery.

If you want to understand the complex illness that chronic Lyme disease is, make sure you are covering the bases you need to cover, or find new ideas for your patients' treatment, Lyme-Ed is the program for you.


This version contains all of the Lyme-Ed content including Dr. Nicola’s favorite products and protocols.



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Want to Learn More About Integrative Lyme Treatment?

It can get difficult and complicated. That's why we created Lyme-Ed: to drive clarity, direction and guidance to the otherwise hazy and complex treatment options for chronic Lyme.

Lyme is not straightforward.

What you get...


hours of valuable content


to the recording


files and resources

Module 1: Understanding Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Defining Lyme Disease

Lesson 2 - History and Epidemiology of Lyme Disease

Lesson 3 - Political Issues In Lyme Disease

Lesson 4 - How Is Lyme Disease Transmitted?

Lesson 5 - Complicating Factors in Lyme Disease

Module 2: Diagnosing Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Stages of Lyme Disease

Lesson 2 - Differential Diagnosis/ Is Lyme Auto-immune?

Lesson 3 - Signs and Symptoms

Lesson 4 - Testing for Lyme Disease

Lesson 5 - Testing for Co-infections

Lesson 6 - Knowing Which Tests to Run and Optimizing Results

Lesson 7 - Other Tests to Consider

Module 3: Allopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - General Considerations of Antibiotic Therapy

Lesson 2 - Antibiotic Therapy For Acute Lyme

Lesson 3 - Antibiotic Therapy For Chronic Lyme

Lesson 4 - Antibiotic Therapy For Co-infections

Lesson 5 - Antibiotic Therapy For Pregnancy and Children

Lesson 6 - Pros and Cons of IVs and Injectable Medications

Lesson 7 - Pulsing Medications

Lesson 8 - Medication Interactions

Lesson 9 - What To Do When Antibiotics Stop Working

Module 4: The Importance of Detoxification in Lyme Disease (and how to do it)

Lesson 1 - Why Is Detox So Important in Lyme; Fundamentals of Detoxification

Lesson 2 - Reducing Incoming Toxins

Lesson 3 - Supporting Detoxification Through Nutrition

Lesson 4 - Supporting Detoxification Through Supplementation

Lesson 5 - Supporting Elimination of Toxins From the Body

Lesson 6 - Home Therapies to Support Detoxification

Lesson 7 - Protocol Information and Where To Start

Module 5: Naturopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Supporting Immune Function and Managing Inflammation

Lesson 2 - Herbal Antimicrobials

Lesson 3 - Biofilm Agents

Lesson 4 - Addressing Opportunistic Infections

Lesson 5 - Managing Symptoms: Pain and Mood

Lesson 6 - Managing Symptoms: Cognition and Sleep

Lesson 7 - Managing Symptoms: Energy

Lesson 8 - Important Micronutrients in Lyme Disease

Lesson 9 - Frequency-based Therapies, IV Nutrient Therapy, Oxygen Therapies

Lesson 10 - Getting Kids To Take Medications, Herbs and Supplements

Lesson 11 - Example Protocols

Module 6: Hormone Regulation In Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Introduction To Hormone Regulation in Lyme Disease

Lesson 2 - Balancing Adrenal Hormones

Lesson 3 - Balancing Thyroid Hormones

Lesson 4 - Balancing Reproductive Hormones

Module 7: Digestive Issues in Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Side Effects of Medications, GI Infections

Lesson 2 - Inflammation, Candida, SIBO, Leaky Gut

Module 8: Nutritional Approaches to Lyme Disease

Lesson 1 - Why Dietary Modifications Are Crucial In Lyme Disease; How To Not Get Overwhelmed

Lesson 2 - Nutrition For Reducing Inflammation

Lesson 3 - Nutrition For Supporting Immune Function

Lesson 4 - Nutrition For Digestive Support

Lesson 5 - Nutrition For Hormonal Support

Lesson 6 - Nutrition For Supporting Detoxification and Elimination

Lesson 7 - Nutrition to Offset Side Effects of Medications

Lesson 8 - Other Diets to Consider

Module 9: 10 Things That Can Hold Back Recovery

Lesson 1 - Co-infections, Biofilm, Heavy Metals, Methylation, Pyrroluria

Lesson 2 - Parasites, Mold Toxicity, Toxic Environment, Thought Patterns, High-stress Lifestyle

Module 10: Living With Lyme Long Term

Lesson 1 - Addressing the Psycho-emotional Aspects of Lyme Disease

Lesson 2 - What Does Recovery From Lyme Look Like; Living With Lyme Long-term

Module 11 - Putting It Into Practice

Lesson 1: First things first: knowing where to start with complex patients

Lesson 2: Managing the complexities of Lyme patients: personal and practice management considerations

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Meet Dr. Nicola.

Nicola Ducharme is a Naturopathic Doctor who has been committed to helping people achieve better health for the past 20 years. Having trained as a naturopath in her home country of Australia, she went on to get her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the prestigious Bastyr University in Seattle, moving to San Diego in 2003 to start her private practice. As founder and medical director of RestorMedicine, she specializes in working with children on the autism spectrum and individuals with chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. Nicola has written four books on the subject of Lyme disease - The Lyme Diet, The Beginners Guide to Lyme Disease, Lyme Disease in Australia and Lyme Brain, and has been featured as a Lyme expert in Connie Strasheim's books on Lyme disease. She loves to write health and nutrition-related articles on her blog, The Naturopathic Mama.

Dr. Nicola is driven to help people find and understand the underlying cause of their health issues, rather than just addressing the symptoms. She is committed to helping individuals and families attain higher levels of health through empowering and educating them.

Dr. Nicola lives in San Diego with her husband Dave, their daughter Valentina, two dogs and four bunnies.

Lyme-Ed changes the game.

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Scott Forsgren, FDN-P.

"Lyme-Ed empowers the viewer with extensive knowledge on Lyme disease from leading Lyme doctor, Nicola McFadzean Ducharme. The program is a powerful collection of information that covers every aspect of how she approaches treating the condition in her own practice. If you want to understand the treatment of Lyme from an expert with years of clinical experience, this is not to be missed."

 Editor and founder,

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3 x $135 USD (3 Monthly Payments)

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